Statistics On Online Gambling

Gambling is a game like any other as well as a hobby for the lovers of gambling game and therefore they will do everything to play the game.

Statistics reveal that online gambling is easy for anyone who wishes to access the internet and this has made it be a game for every class of people ranging from the poor and rich young folks, middle class, upper class and the old group of people. It’s a game of all.

This game has grown rapidly in recent past with its known history being the U.S in 1975. It’s been unique about this business from the undercurrent population in American society to high profile, socially recognized activity in all folks. The U.S posts the highest number of states standing at 37 states and 2/3s of them have lotteries of which 15million display some addiction in the game.

In 1973 alone, the state recorded $2 billion and in a whopping $34 billion by1997.This trend has been necessitated by the insurgence of the young population which as below; 42% of 14-year old’s, 49% of 15year old’s, 63% of 16year old’s and 76% of 18 year old’s.

Statistics reveal that the gambling has reached to the Indians and an approximated 260 casinos in 31 states with a good revenue being recorded. In general, online gambling boasts of over 110 sport gambling sites and make it the highest growing game of this time.

Given the fact that this online game brings in good money, studies reveal that most people are now addicted to it than even alcohol, drugs or even gambling itself. Crime has not been left behind either, it has increased threshold. Gamblers will always need money to carry on with their business and therefore will do everything to play the game. Records reveal that 65% of pathological gamblers are involved in crimes so as to support their gambling habit. Hence, debts have been recorded on the gamblers in the U.S of between $55,000 and $90,000 of which $15,000 are figures for women. Because of this, divorce has also been recorded where the rate of divorce in gamblers doubles that of non-gamblers.

The burden of shouldering these debts has influenced the suicide rate among the population of gamblers than non-gamblers about 1-5 attempts of suicide. It’s now evident that we live in a society / culture that encourage an activity that destroy a good percentage of the lives it touches. As already seen, young people experience problems and are at risk of this gambling behaviors twice the adult population.

Because internet/ online gambling does not require hard cash, it thrives and grows rapidly. The necessary legislation has to be put in place to regulate this gambling game. In simpler terms, sanctions have to be affected to tame this rapidly growing game or else so or later it becomes a catastrophe. From what we have seen, gambling is a disease and if not taken care will kill these good people in our families.

Online gambling is very slippery like life fish. Lives of many are spoiled. Take note that another time you think gambling think twice as well.