South Africa Gambling Laws

Gambling activities are quite common in Africa. Further, gambling is gaining a lot of popularity and attention of many people since recent times. Around 30 countries across the world hold gaming machines and casinos, and among them the maximum casinos are in South Africa. You can find over 40 casinos in this country, along with around 38000 slots. Egypt is nowhere behind as it possess around 20 casinos. There are many other countries in South Africa that grab attention of people to the popular casinos. Cameron, Botswana, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Morocco and other places are quite famous for gambling activities. The National Gambling Act of South Africa was formulated in the year 2004. And, the rules and regulations in it were formulated on November 15th, 2004. This Act protects minors, and imposes restrictions for granting credits and on promotion and advertising of gambling activities.

Casino Games in South Africa

As gambling is quite common in South Africa, majority of players enjoy these activities a lot. Hence, it is natural that one can find a wide variety of casino games in the casinos of South Africa. The most common games are Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and of course Video Poker. Blackjack is the favorite game of casino lovers as it involves the combination of luck and skills. Roulette is a thrilling game and is a pure luck game. On the other side, slots and video poker involve a lot of entertainment and fun.

Gambling Penalties

In September 2011, the government of South Africa stated that online gambling is illegal. However, any player can enjoy the gambling activities in a safe manner in the South African casinos as nowhere anything is written about the jail sentences, fines or any other punishment.

Gambling Taxation

Recently, the government of South Africa announced the new gambling taxes that created a much furor among the casino players. The new plans proposed that taxes will be withheld on over ZAR25,000 of winnings. However, this plan would be coming into effect from 1st April 2013. The South African Casino Association already warned about the tax withholding and argued that there will be a detrimental effect on the operators, industry and employment of the country. Further, there would also be a 15% tax on some part of the winnings as stated by an unknown source.

Popular Casino Sites

Though there are numerous casino websites on the internet, let us have a peep into the most popular casino websites of South Africa as follows. Rome casino: Players have lot of fun here, the bonus amount is $10,000 and the payout rate here is 98.6%.Diceland casino: This is another popular casino of South Africa where $7,777 is the bonus and 98.8% is the payout rate. Mona online casino: Mona online casino is not back in the popular casino websites, people get full on entertainment here. Diamond online casino: You can see that the bonus amount is $1000 and 98.2% is the payout rate.